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We specialise in teaching. We do not think that an advertising agency has to act only for the benefit of its own and its clients’ profit. We need something more to live, we know that companies also need it. We found a way to do this and based our business on a project management methodology called “dragon dreaming”.

In short, this means that we want to use our skills and talents and benefit from more than 10 years of experience in advertising and marketing to multiply the world’s good. For this reason, we bring out our creative potential and make our dreams come true – both for us and for our clients. We want to teach children and young people by giving companies the opportunity to use their marketing budgets in a useful and successful way. What is more, we know perfectly what goals companies want to achieve by investing in educational projects and we know how to make the companies popular.

We carry out educational projects for various sectors. Finally, you can teach about finance, energy, ecology and even music itself! Thanks to dragon dreaming we know that there are only winners in our projects.

Win & Win

means that everyone wins

Educational fairy-tales

for pupils and preschoolers

Lesson plans

for teachers

Materials for project promotion

for the company

Satisfaction, joy and fulfilment

for Guacamayo

Let us make dreams come true, let us make plans,

let us act and celebrate

One of our favourite project assumptions is to complete each project with a real celebration. In order for this stage to be successful, we will try to find a dream, common both to us and to the company that will implement the project.

We will be looking for a common dream until we find it, in order to know what we aim at during project planning and implementation. Once we have created an educational project that will fill us all with pride, we crown it with pride, moving on to a celebration the masters deserve. The masters who daydream, who have their’s head in the clouds.

We celebrate, because in business we so often forget to make five for ourselves, and it is very important to notice that we did a good job and breathe before the next project.

Know how

& how not

Before we reached this place, we were lucky enough to work for companies that wanted to educate the youngest, but they did not know how to talk to the children in their language. Attempts to create materials on their own did not give companies satisfactory results. Although the presidents were satisfied, the children did not understand what the adults talked to them. The illustrations left a lot to be desired, not to mention the predictable graphic design that was not interesting for the children.

Simple but informative

We have found our own way to reach children's imagination. First, by using all our knowledge, we simplified the message and language, and then by selecting appropriate stories and examples, we created educational fairy-tales, which made it easier for children to understand even difficult issues.

A fabulous graphic design

Then we put a lot of work into making sure that the children absorb the materials through their eyes, focusing on beautiful illustrations and ingenious composition. And then we prepared studies for teachers, which suggest the course of lessons, contain auxiliary materials and guidelines for experiments and tests.

Practical project implementation instructions for companies and schools

We discovered that educational projects prepared in a professional way create extraordinary opportunities and allow children and parents to become aware of them with a very positive and at the same time useful message. A comprehensive approach to the topic and full commitment to creating educational materials gives us real satisfaction. And 100% involvement and belief that we are doing something really good will not be missed.


Our projects obtained patronage from ministries, city mayors and local education departments. We know how to obtain them.

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If you are ready and think that you have come to properly motivated people and you want to breathe life into your idea for education, dare to do something really good with us.

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